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On She Danced With Lightning:
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Winston Salem Journal, 2022 (She Danced With Lightning)

“An earnest and personal perspective on one family’s medical struggles…Palmieri writes well, using vivid sensory descriptors to immerse readers…He also logically weaves in his own personal story into the narrative…he honestly tells of trying to find himself while also being a caring father.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Marc Palmieri is a masterful storyteller. She Danced with Lightning is a beautifully rendered memoir...A resplendent story filled with hope. Brava."


-Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of The Good Left Undone

On Waiting For The Host:

“…a show that was specifically written to be performed remotely… The brainchild of playwright Marc Palmieri, (Waiting For The Host) just may be the first full-length work written for our new surreality.”

- TDF Stages.


- “Waiting For the Host...allows a new work, a new approach to theater, a new approach to performing, a new approach to directing to take place and it is definitely entertaining. The play does not disappoint. It is real, raw, and brings some much-needed laughter; exactly what theater is supposed to do.” - Broadway World 

“Call it a play within a play within a crisis… The play authentically flaunts all the glories and pitfalls of a typical online group session.”  - NJ Star-Ledger

On The Groundling:
"The Groundling is one of the surprise downtown gems of the season."
- Theatremania
"Though it begins as formulaic showbiz farce, it takes an unexpected swerve toward heartbreak...Borrowing a neat trick from 
Shakespeare, Mr. Palmieri tops off the saccharine comedy with a nicely bittersweet finish...plenty of audience members were dabbing eyes with sleeves and tissues as the lights came up." - The New York Times
On Levittown:
"...just raw emotion and  crippling inability to 
communicate. You won’t stop watching for a second." - The New York Times (Critic's Pick)
"A drama that'll send you screaming out of the family room. Interesting, mine-filled terrain…[Levittown] reveals the damaging side of paternal love, reaching heights of agony that are painful to watch." - Time Out
"This is a family that—if its home were a bit more picturesque—could give Eugene O’Neill's and Arthur Miller's clans a run for their money.  Never less than engrossing, [Palmieri] has a firm grasp of his characters and their milieu." - New York Post
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